So You Want POP Mail through Windows 8 Mail?

A while back, I dropped my old pop-mail based email address and decided to go with an email address on which my primary Microsoft Account is based. I only used pop-mail because I used my own domain name thru an ISP. But now the email on my Windows Phone and my Windows 8 Mail are all nicely in sync. Even when I use Windows Live Mail on the desktop or when I used to use Outlook (Office) on the desktop, again, everything stayed nicely in sync as Windows Live Mail works with and Outlook can use the connector.

So I suggest that you drop your pop mail account and don’t look back.

Unless you use your own domain and aren’t big enough to use Exchange and you don’t want to use IMAP (who does?), then Windows 8 Mail seems to fall short.

Before I go any farther, I’m going to start using the term account and Microsoft Account interchangeably. After all, all of those old Hotmail and accounts are now handled all pretty much the same way thru (have you noticed that the url still says as well as Windows 8 and Windows Phone. has a great feature allowing you to embed a pop mail account into your account. That way, will go out and do the pop mail busy work and just show your incoming mail into either a sub-folder of your webmail or right into the inbox of your webmail. Also, when you consider the flexibility of Windows 8 Mail, you can set up as many accounts from various providers, so you can set up a separate account and embed your pop mail in that account so you don’t get your necessary pop mail mixed up with your webmail that you use to log onto Windows 8 if in fact you go that route (and who wouldn’t for a computer or tablet that is not using active directory).

So decide if you want to use your primary Windows Account or if you’re going to use a different Windows Account and create it if necessary.

Go to and log onto that account.

Pull down the settings menu from the gear icon on the top right, and select options.

Select Your email accounts.

Add a send and receive account. You want to use send and receive so that you are using your pop mail provider’s SMTP service. Otherwise will forward it and your email recipients will get mail say things like “From 2q345p7asdfnphpasdf on behalf of you”.

You click on the Advanced Options link and fill out the necessary information and credentials.

Then it’s going to ask you want that mail dumped into the inbox or a sub-folder of the inbox. If you use this account to receive mail, I recommend that you use the sub folder option. If you don’t use it for mail, then consider putting into the inbox. After all, you might use this account (actually a Microsoft Account) to keep track of your contacts, calendar and OneDrive, but perhaps you primarily use Gmail or you unfortunately have to use pop-mail.

Now you will see this folder in Windows 8 Mail or any other method that you might look at this account’s email be that Windows Phone, Windows Live Mail, (webpage) or the Outlook connector. And when you delete from any of these portals, you will not delete your email from the server. So you’ll have to log onto your pop mail provider’s web site and clean up your inbox once in a while.

By the way, Gmail will let you connect to pop mail as well, and Windows 8 will connect to Gmail, but I haven’t tried it.

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